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3 herbal home remedy

1. To soften your boil quickly, apply pawpaw sap to it. 
2. To stop nose bleeding, squeeze some scent leaf and apply the leaf to your nostril. 
3.For burns : get mango leaves, burn it to ashes. Mix it with water then apply on the affected area.


At the point when life hands you lemons, put them in the freezer.

Diabetes, Tumors, Overweight? Frozen Lemon Techniques That Will Help You Fight The Worst Diseases And Lose Weight
Research has found that a whole lemon has about 22 anticancer agents, including:

– Limonene,
– Citrus pectin,
– flavonol glycosides,
– vitamin C.
In order to get all the medical advantages out of a lemon, it works best to freeze it before utilizing

Put the lemon in the freezer for 2 days. it must be well frozen. Then Blend it as you see in the picture below, the frozen lemon to get a powder add hot water and let cool. drink 1 glass in the morning on an empty stomach preference.

●For cancer
It will melts turmoil for fibroid, lipoma, ovarian cyst, fat belly, etc

●Diabetes (stabilizes the blood sugar level-
purify the blood

●Unblocks the fallopian tubes (rich in vitamin)

●Deflates the belly and overweight

●heals chlamydia immediately when it is early

●also helps fertility

●regulates the cycle. (1 lemon, equal to 1
liter of water)


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