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3 herbal home remedy

1. To soften your boil quickly, apply pawpaw sap to it. 
2. To stop nose bleeding, squeeze some scent leaf and apply the leaf to your nostril. 
3.For burns : get mango leaves, burn it to ashes. Mix it with water then apply on the affected area.


"Did you find it difficult to detect your ovulation period?
Ovulation is when matured egg are released by the ovary. It usually taken place 14th days of cycle in a woman with 28days menstrual cycle and on 16th in a woman with 31-32 days cycle.

Cervical mucus is totally different from vagina discharge, cervical mucus do produced when ovulation is about to occur while vagina discharge always found in vagina area.Whitish discharge help to lubricate or moisture vagina also preventing it from being feeling dry.
Cervical mucus must looked sticky and appeared draw like chew gum when you stretch it between your finger and your thumb. Just try this logic,Put your index finger direct into your vagina area and bring out the mucus you meet there but start doing this manual procedure 12days counting from the first day period bleeding.

When ovulation time is approached, woman must develop neither slight or high in body temperature. You can easily detect this when you feel like your body is slightly feeling fever before you step down from your bed. You can easily detect this after you step down from the bed. You can't also detect this easily without use basal thermometer. Just put it in your armpit and read it yourself. If you are unable to read it,you can visit ASKthegynecologist to explain better to you.

Breast pain normally occur during or after (pre or post) ovulation period. Don't get confuse ovulation time medically called fertile widow. Breast pain developed as a result of Estrogen hormone response.Estrogen is a female sex hormone, it get produced in high quantity during woman menstrual cycle. Estrogen play a great role in breast pain and cervical mucus production.

Most of the woman do developed moody unknowingly. Moody is when u suddenly change your daily activities. You can just sit alone without talk to anybody,you decline to eat your food,you can even begin to sensitive to your colleagues or anybody around you. But after your ovulation all these conditions would get disappear.

Ovulation test kits is a device made to detect the time you will ovulate. It contained like 4kits and 1 pregnancy strip as bonus. It can easily get at pharmacy in affordable price. When you get this strip, Take one from the pack and put immerse into your urine. You don't have to use early morning urine. Best urine time to prepare are bet 10am to 8pm......


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