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3 herbal home remedy

1. To soften your boil quickly, apply pawpaw sap to it. 
2. To stop nose bleeding, squeeze some scent leaf and apply the leaf to your nostril. 
3.For burns : get mango leaves, burn it to ashes. Mix it with water then apply on the affected area.


Lime Orange
- Sugar just 8 cubes needed
- Pine Apple

Juice the Lime Orange by cutting and squeezing the juice out.

Then peel the Pine Apple and juice it too. Having done these, mix the Lime juice and the Pine Apple juice together put it in a clean bottle and add the 8 Cubes of Sugar, leave all to ferment. Please note that the fermentation will days depends on the last day of your monthly menses which is the time you are to start using it.

To be taken by the woman trying to Conceive immediately she stops her monthly period, a glass 3 times a day untill the Concoction is finished.


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