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3 herbal home remedy

1. To soften your boil quickly, apply pawpaw sap to it. 
2. To stop nose bleeding, squeeze some scent leaf and apply the leaf to your nostril. 
3.For burns : get mango leaves, burn it to ashes. Mix it with water then apply on the affected area.


NB it shouldn't be used during pregnancy .

Wonder of the World
Miracle Leaf and Life Plant (Botanical name- Bryophyllum pinnatum).

It treats 

Kidney stones 
High blood pressure (root) 
Constipation (powdered rhizomes)
Boil and cuts (paste) 
Ear pains (juice) 
Hepatitis and liver treatment (root)

How to preparations:

To make tea for Asthma, shortness of breath, boosting the immune system and to cleanse the intestines of harmful bacteria. Add 5 fresh or dried leaves, with stems to 1 pint boiling water. Steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain and drink straight or add honey to taste. Makes 3 doses. Take this tea three times a day.

Juice for chest cold- Warm 3 leaves and juice them. This should yield 2-3 tablespoon of leaf juice. Add a pinch of sea salt. Take one tablespoon three times a day for as long as needed.

Cough mixture for cold, coughs and chest congestion- Warm 13 fresh leaves over a fire. Rub the leaves between your palms until they become juicy. Squeeze the juice into a small pot. This should yield at least 6-8 tablespoons of juice. Add the juice of 3 limes and 2 ounces honey to pot. Simmer on a low flame for 5-7 minutes. Remove from flame and allow to cool. Store in a bottle.
Take one tablespoonful every three hours for two weeks. Skip one week and repeat, if necessary.


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